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Monday, February 1, 2016

Today, is all about TEB Interiors! Teb stands for Terry Edward Briceland, and he is the self-titled “Creative Dictator” of TEB Interiors. They (the other two in the team are Matthew Adams, and Steven Southgate) are a full service interior design firm “know for it’s edgier and sexier design aesthetic”. And they are!! 

Logo: brass knuckles

Motto:  We Make Awesome Crap For Your Home

Hash tag: #InjectSomeEdge

You get the picture! TEB Interiors is a design firm set above the rest! They are a cocktail mix of fine craftsmanship, extreme creativity, and a syringe full of rock and roll (shaken not stirred). Irreverence is sewn into the fabric of their aesthetic! Terry uses tattoos as therapy. And you are bound to see some skull and crossbones somewhere in the mix.

But they are not all grunge and sharp edges. The attraction of their design comes from the perfect balance of edge and luxury; wild and tamed; rustic and refined!

What also turns me on about these guys is that they hand make custom stuff all the time. From pillows, to chairs, to wall coverings. They sew and they build! Again, the yin and the yang are there in perfect harmony. If they can’t find that right piece to complete a project, they are more likely than not, going to make it, or design it and have it made. That is exactly what happened in the case of the industrial sconces for the project featured below. And they are kick *ss!

I'v known TEB and Terry for about a year now, but we just shot our first photo project together at the end of last year. The results are an outstanding gust of colour and pattern, and texture. Have a look, and Terry blogs too. So check out his story about the Condo  here.

©stephani buchman photography

©stephani buchman photography

©stephani buchman photography

©stephani buchman photography

©stephani buchman photography

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