Can you photograph a powder room?

Friday, February 7, 2014

I love this question - which was recently asked of me in a chat I had with a delightful person and up-and-coming designer, Jennyfer (you will always remember the y) Kenez. 

So, here is an example of a  few small Powder room Photos. The first image, had me yes, 'hugging the porcelain'  with only the dedication of getting the shot, and not  the benefit of drink to thank. It was so funny to see me in that position that Jodie Rosen had to tweet out a photo of me (this image might end up as a spam tag "I am sure this is you"). But this is what I do for your design and  getting the shot!  

And thankfully, once the shot is framed, I shoot with a remote that allows me to get up off the floor, and away from the toilet to capture the  final shot. 

And where is the camera? Well, that is removed via my "Photoshop Magic" after the shot is taken. The image below is particularly interesting because of the graphic wall paper. One would think that it is difficult to remove the camera and replace it with graphic wall paper like that, but the software I use is so sophisticated, it makes me look so. 
© stephani buchman photography Design by Jodie Rosen Design

© stephani buchman photography Design by Shirley Meiseles of

© stephani buchman photography Design by Jodie Rosen Design
The image with the black wall and etched mirror is another situation where removing the camera seemed to be complicated because of the etching in the mirror. Yet, I removed it without a problem, matching the pattern of the etching over my camera with an eye for precision! 

And in the photo of the powder room by Jodie Rosen, we needed to include the artwork on the back wall which is reflected in the mirror as part of the display of the overall design.  I took this shot on an angle so the camera would not be reflected in the mirror. But the other challenge was that the air vent was just above the  chandelier and was not really part of the design. It needed to be removed so as not to distract attention from that top shelf lighting fixture. Done! No problemo!

Do you have a powder room that needs to be captured in photography? Let me know, and when you  post a comment below, receive 25% off the cost of your photography project!

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  1. Interesting as I'm always diving under the mirror or shooting from an angle & it's never quite what I want but good enough for my blog ...



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