I must admit, it was a little childish!

Monday, July 22, 2013

  In one of my latest projects, I had the challenge of acting a little childish!  When I photographed Jodie Rosen’s recent design of a little boy’s room, it featured a beautifully pristine chalkboard wall, which screamed, “Draw on me”! This might not sound like a challenging situation to you; even the smallest of children, with chalk in hand, will leap to this with enthusiastic gusto!  But my drawing had to be different. It had to be done in post-production with a Wacom Tablet!

  Jodie had just finished the room for Dylan, and being a very bright and fastidious two year old, he liked the wall the way it was. He did not even know it was a chalkboard wall! Jodie was also concerned, that being only two, once Dylan saw that he could draw on the blue wall, he would be so inspired by this novel form of artistic expression, he would want to draw on all the walls in the house. This was not an option!

  So, I suggested to her, that I could put the drawings on the wall in post-production using Photoshop! She was thrilled with the idea! It would save the new chalkboard wall, as well as the other non-chalkboard walls in the house!

  I brought the image of the room into Photoshop. I then looked on line, for children’s drawings of items that would go along with the transportation themed pattern on the bed linens. Once found, I brought them into PS as a layer. Using my Wacom tablet and pen, I traced them with a “chalk” paintbrush. I kept each individual drawing as a separate layer so that I could move them around until I found the best composition. I could also show this to Jodie as I was working on it, to get her input on the final positioning of the drawings.

  Jodie loved it! Once I showed her my first small chalk drawing of a truck with people inside, she wanted more on the wall.  So I added a plane with clouds, the ever-popular bulldozer, and a police car! Zoooom! When I presented the final image to Jodie she exclaimed, “The drawings make the room!” I have to oppose, I think her overall design makes the room, but the chalk drawings add a lot of fun!

This is the room before the chalk drawings: 

Photography by Stephani Buchman Design by Jodie Rosen 

Photography by Stephani Buchman Design by Jodie Rosen
 These are a couple more photographs from the shoot:

Photography by Stephani Buchman Design by Jodie Rosen

Photography by Stephani Buchman Design by Jodie Rosen
 One of the drawings I traced to the wall; I added a road and a tree to my final vignette : 

I love capturing great design, but I also love solving problems! I am a problem solver! It is part of my personality, which is always put into practice when I am shooting, but also sometimes when I am working on Post-production.

If you have a challenge that can be possibly be solved in post-production, I can help!

Have you ever had a similar problem solved in post-production?  Do you have one now?

Speak freely, comment…. or you could even draw a little picture of your own.

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