Let Shirley Meisels Enlighten You!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It became apparent to me at my latest photography shoot of a custom built Toronto home designed by Shirely Meisels that one of her design signatures is her stunning selection of lighting fixtures!

A few images from this shoot will “enlighten” you! 

The chandelier, designed by the late Raimond Puts,  makes this space as stunning as it is!

Of course, when something is designed this well, it looks as good off as it does on!

As the description on the Ylighting page states, "Designed by a mathematics professor, the Raimond is a sphere created from a series of triangular shapes. The transparent lenses are specially detailed to spread warm white light in every direction".

A couple more examples: I love love love Ingo Maurer's Zettel'z 6 Chandelier

The Zettel`z 6 by Ingo Maurer is a pendant lighting fixture of love letters in many languages that invites the owner to participate in the creativity. The pendant comes with 40 printed and 40 blank sheets of high quality Japanese paper. The blank pages provided,  give the owner ability to  create their own letters to add to, or change the design.

This room above features the Armadillo Large Suspension Light. It adds a wonderful texture to the room and its  triangular shape plays off the shape of the rounded triangular glass table top.

Which chandelier is your favorite? 

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