Jodie Rosen does it with Stainless Steel tile!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I love capturing images for Jodie Rosen of Jodie Rosen Design. She always wows me by presenting something unique in her interior design. This time the WOW was the stainless steel tile!  I had never seen stainless steel tiles before. But I now see it is being used more and more frequently.  When I asked Jodie about it, she told me the stainless steel mosaic tiles are a relatively new material for her as well. She loves how durable they are for a kitchen backsplash.  She says,  “it’s a super sleek look with a high level of reflection, which is a nice bonus for such a dark colored material.  In this kitchen, it provided a great backdrop for the ‘statement’ stone used on the countertop and waterfall edge of the island”.

Another great aspect of this interior is the stone fireplace, which, Jodie tells me is called Erthcoverings (that’s the right spelling, not a typo!). She continues,  “It is a random installation which is done with love by the guys onsite.  The result is a more modern take on the ever-present split face slate frequently found on fireplaces.” She says she loves how it quietly makes an impact in the space without fighting with the kitchen.

Finally, I learned a new design term. The cabinetry is considered transitional in style, Jodie tells me “It’s a classic shaker panel but the profile is a little more clean than a traditional shaker.  It warms up the white painted finish – this house is a really nice mix of modern without feeling too stark and sleek.”

She is right about that. Even though this was a new build, and thus empty, it still had a very warm and welcoming feeling. Both of us felt that the new owners would be very happy here for a long long time. 

 photo © stephani buchman

 photo © stephani buchman

 photo © stephani buchman

 photo © stephani buchman

 photo © stephani buchman

Top notch Interior Design: one click away!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes! Online Interior Design.  

The movement of Online Interior Design is quickly building. It is similar to a DYI design project, but with professional consulting & expertise. One of my photography clients, Direct Design Company is at the forefront of this trend. They provide affordable design starting with one click. Simply, by visiting their web site, clicking on “Become A Client”, opening up a questionnaire, the client starts the process of changing a space in their home.

This new approach is less expensive because the client shares in the legwork with the designer. Instead of paying for designers’ time to measure, document the space, and talk to the client about style and aesthetic preferences, the client does the measurements, uploads pictures, and fills out a comprehensive questionnaire that informs the designer about the client and their lifestyle.

Once the client gives the designer the information and measurements, the designer provides the client with their creative insight and know-how. They deliver a room plan, color pallet, price and source furniture and accessories, all according to the client style and budget.  The complete design concept is packaged into a presentation portfolio and mailed through land mail.

When the client receives this package, they save money again. Instead of paying designer hourly rates, using the design concept as a guide, the client does the work of shopping for and purchasing the already-sourced pieces.  The client buys the furniture, has it delivered and arranges everything according to the drawings. They have the painter paint with the specified colors, and voila a new designer room in the client’s home.

 Do you have an opinion on this idea? What are your thoughts on this trend?

These latest pics are one of the most recent projects by Kim Bartley and Direct Design Co.



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