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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The other day I woke up excited! I couldn’t wait to get started working with interior designer Kelly Stoneburgh as we continue to document her design of a North Annex duplex. Our goal: to capture a few images of the Master Bedroom. 
Kelly’s signature style of mixing the old with the new was clearly visible in setting an antique French chair against a backdrop of contemporary lines and colours. Her confident pairing of a modern Miro-esque print on a wall opposite a trio of vintage botanical illustrations is an example of her playful aesthetic.
One of Kelly’s favorite things about the room is the soft, "mint chocolate chip" paint on the walls. Though traditionally a color from a cool palette, nothing about this room feels cold. The overwhelming impression is warm and cozy, like the inside and out of a robin’s egg. Luxurious bed linens are in classic white and cream, accented by a charming faux fur pillow placed center stage. I particularly appreciate that the lines of the artwork above the bed are echoed in the smaller throw pillow below. The variety of textures, from the matelasse headboard to the chocolate suede on the armchair, provides tactile stimulation.
I love working with Kelly! She knows what she likes and is able to clearly articulate what she wants in a final image. I really value that Kelly is open to new ideas as we move through the shoot. Her strong sense of self and easy confidence allow us to work together quickly, complimenting each other’s strengths.  As I finish tweaking a shot in one room, she is busy styling the next.
At the beginning of the day, Kelly sat on the floor and noted that, “It is really hard to translate the feeling of sitting here, in this exact room, into a two dimensional picture.” I thought to myself, “That is exactly our creative challenge.” Photographing interiors is about making the viewer want to be in the space just by looking at a picture of it. The goal is to elevate and draw attention to the design details by placing them thoughtfully in a frame. I went to bed with a smile on my face, knowing that we had managed to achieve our objective.

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