Charmingly Eclectic: The design of KS Interiors

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love working with interior designers! We share the same patience, tolerance, and slight OCD tendencies that allow us to enjoy moving objects and furniture around an inch this way, a nudge that way... until it is just right. I enjoyed doing just that with Kelly Stoneburgh of KS Interiors last week as we photographed her interior design of this charming house in the North Annex area of Toronto.
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"Eclectic style is about mixing rather than matching, though all design elements should coordinate to achieve a look that is fresh and avaunt-garde. Eclectic style is the fingerprint of innovation and creativity. Borrowing from different sources and periods, eclectic style is a highly individualized style and is easily changed on a whim." (borrowed from Anonymous)

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