Would you eat Corn Smut? or Mexican night with a Chef!

Monday, July 25, 2011

There are few things more adventurous than being neighbors and friends with a Chef!!
This past Saturday’s adventure included trying Corn Smut and BBQing in the rain!!

Corn smut, or cuitlacoche, according to Wikipedia, is a disease of maize caused by the pathogenic plant fungus Ustilago maydi. I know what you are thinking: ‘mmmn, a disease caused by fungus, delicious’. Yet, usually eaten in quesadillas, this is considered a delicacy in Mexico and is thus referred to as corn truffle. This smut was one of the ingredients of the main for the Mexican night: soft shell corn tortilla tacos!!

The second portion of the adventure came when just as we had set the outdoor patio table, the torrential rain began! But diligent as ever, Chef carried on to ensure the meat and grilled squash were perfect and not soggy!  We moved our plates inside and enjoyed the meal at the kitchen bar. To perfection,  the meal was finished with a truffle of a different sort: a Red Fire Vosges Chocolate bar shared between friends! This was a chocolate experience like no other! If you have not tried Vosges, you must! And for that matter you must try smut!

With iphone (and Margarita) in hand, I captured our culinary adventure, smut included!~


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  1. Howdy, met you on Linkedin WIP group. Love your blog and all you food images. Live in Kansas City and would love to connect! Come visit me!



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