Which comes first? The Egg or… the Beet??

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speaking of which comes first…This posting should have come before the last, being about the process leading to the end result. But then again, the blog world is not so linear and I was so excited to share I had to get the last image post out before having time to write about the creative process.

My friend and uber creative Art Director, Leanne Kelly came to me with this idea for a spring promo! She had always wanted to use naturally created dyes to colour eggs. So she researched the process and tested a bunch of recipes in her home-test-kitchen.  She found that turmeric makes an earthy yellow, red cabbage turns indigo, and beets will bend an egg into a brilliant crimson that will fade over time into to a brown.  She also discovered that the delicate shells will frail more if they sit in the vinegar solution for too long.

On a walk one day she found some small springs, loved the play on words and saw they would make perfect stands for these little jewels! She also liked the play on reality that an image of grass in lieu of real strands had when the eggs were placed on top. Finally, it was important that the images tell the story of the Natural source and process. To do this, she appointed the beautiful beet slices to act as nest for the collection of hand dyed eggs.

I just brought my camera to the idea, and Leanne told me what to do. I like it that way sometimes. Well, It was a little more give and take… Together, we brought this idea to fruition!

If you would like me to bring my camera to your idea you can always reach me by phone or by email. If you would like Leanne’s creative vibe, you can reach her at leannekproduction@gmail.com

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