Inspired by Wine, Words, and Juri Dojc

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last night I attended the 2010 Drawn to Develop Gala, a  silent auction event raising money for Street Kids International. The idea is simple and brilliant : street survivors draw a picture of their hopes, dreams, current or past situation, each survivor is paired with a photographer who then interprets the drawing photographically. The resulting prints are auctioned off to raise funds for SKI.
The mission  is to "Engage street youth in a creative exercise that gives their courageous lives a voice, and to Inspire guests and Canada’s creative community at large to become agents of social change".

My favorite aspect was reading the words of the D2D street survivors that accompanied their drawings. I loved hearing their hope and was moved by the overwhelming sense of dedication and and commitment to making life better for themselves and everyone.

Looking at how each participating photographer interpreted the drawing was the highlight for me. oh.. and the wine, and the wine... That too.

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